Slowenien, Slovenija


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GOV id
  • Slowenien (deu)
  • Slovenija (slv)
  • republic
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Geographic Position
  • 46.1117°N 14.8929°E calculated center position of the place
  • Number of the German 1:25,000 map sheet: 9855

Superordinate objects


 political administration

Superordinate objects

Superordinate objects

name Timespan type Source
Jugoslawien (1947 - 1991) kingdom zone of occupation republic
European Union, Európske spoločenstvo, Europäische Gemeinschaft, Evropská unie, Euroopan Yhteisö, Europäische Union, Európska únia, Europese Unie, Aontais Eorpaigh, Unión Europea, Euroopan Unioni, Union européenne (2004 -) confederation

Subordinate objects

name type GOV-Id Timespan
Horjul municipality object_1124068
Kranjska Gora municipality object_1123984
Idrija municipality object_1123971
Mirna Peč municipality object_1124086
Cankova municipality object_1124055
Dolenjske Toplice municipality object_1124062
Kamnik municipality object_1124071
Kostel Stadt object_1123938
Slovenske Konjice municipality object_1124028
Lenart municipality object_1124075
Litija municipality object_1124077
Ljubno municipality object_1123988
Makole municipality object_1124127
Mengeš municipality object_1123993
Mežica municipality object_1123995
Rogašovci municipality object_1124016
Šmartno pri Litiji municipality object_1124105
Osilnica municipality object_1124005
Hajdina municipality object_1124065
Ljutomer municipality object_1124078
Vransko municipality object_1124118
Šoštanj municipality object_1124031
Vrhnika municipality object_1124044
Sodražica municipality object_1124106
Žetale municipality object_1124120
Radeče municipality object_1124012
Sežana municipality object_1124024
Starše municipality object_1124032
Straža municipality object_1124135
Slowenisch Krain, Kranjska historical region object_369973 (1991 -)
Maribor Stadt object_1123940
Tolmin municipality object_1124035
Tišina municipality object_1124111
Borovnica municipality object_1123946
Ljubljana, Laibach Stadt object_1123933
Žirovnica municipality object_1124121
Bistrica ob Sotli municipality object_1124052
Veržej municipality object_1124115
Vipava municipality object_1124041
Vodice municipality object_1124043
Vojnik municipality object_1124117
Središče ob Dravi municipality object_1124134
Medvode municipality object_1123992
Cerkvenjak municipality object_1124056
Metlika municipality object_1123994
Radenci municipality object_1124013
Sveta Ana municipality object_1124108
Šmarje pri Jelšah municipality object_1124029
Dol pri Ljubljani municipality object_1123959
Slovenska Bistrica municipality object_1124104
Miren-Kostanjevica municipality object_1124085
Železniki municipality object_1124048
Ribnica municipality object_1124097
Velika Polana municipality object_1124114
Moravče municipality object_1123997
Mozirje municipality object_1123999
Jesenice municipality object_1124069
Rogatec municipality object_1124018
Cirkulane municipality object_1124124
Selnica ob Dravi municipality object_1124101
Preddvor municipality object_1124093
Velike Lašče municipality object_1124040
Prevalje municipality object_1124094
Šentjernej municipality object_1124022
Mislinja municipality object_1123996
Jezersko municipality object_1124070
Radovljica municipality object_1124015
Lukovica municipality object_1123991
Novo Mesto Stadt object_1123941
Žužemberk municipality object_1124122
Križevci Stadt object_1123939
Črna na Koroškem municipality object_1123955
Podlehnik municipality object_1124089
Šentrupert municipality object_1124132
Nazarje municipality object_1124002
Razkrižje municipality object_1124096
Sveti Jurij v Slovenskih goricah municipality object_1124137
Dornava municipality object_1123960
Domžale municipality object_1124063
Murska Sobota Stadt object_1123934
Šmartno ob Paki municipality object_1124030
Ribnica na Pohorju municipality object_1124098
Cerknica municipality object_1123952
Sevnica municipality object_1124023
Šempeter-Vrtojba municipality object_1124102
Radlje ob Dravi municipality object_1124014
Gornji Petrovci municipality object_1123967
Moravske Toplice municipality object_1123998
Vuzenica municipality object_1124045
Solčava municipality object_1124107
Loški Potok municipality object_1123990
Škofljica municipality object_1124027
Lovrenc na Pohorju municipality object_1124080
Dobrova-Polhov Gradec municipality object_1124060
Ig municipality object_1123972
Bled municipality object_1123944
Brda municipality object_1123948
Grad municipality object_1124064
Luče municipality object_1124081
Muta municipality object_1124000
Ptuj Stadt object_1123942
Ruše municipality object_1124099
Žiri municipality object_1124049
Zagorje ob Savi municipality object_1124046
Gorenja vas-Poljane municipality object_1123963
Sveti Andraž v Slovenskih goricah municipality object_1124109
Log-Dragomer municipality object_1124126
Apače municipality object_1124123
Bloke municipality object_1124053
Bovec municipality object_1123947
Celje Stadt object_1123931
Dobje municipality object_1124058
Gorje municipality object_1124140
Odranci municipality object_1124003
Hodoš municipality object_1124067
Izola municipality object_1123975
Kanal municipality object_1123977
Komen municipality object_1123981
Koper Stadt object_1123932
Kozje municipality object_1123982
Kranj municipality object_1123983
Kuzma municipality object_1124074
Krško municipality object_1123985
Laško municipality object_1123987
Mirna municipality object_1124141
Naklo municipality object_1124001
Ormož municipality object_1124004
Piran municipality object_1124088
Pivka municipality object_1124007
Semič municipality object_1124019
Tabor municipality object_1124110
Trzin municipality object_1124113
Tržič municipality object_1124038
Videm municipality object_1124116
Zavrč municipality object_1124047
Zreče municipality object_1124050
Šentjur pri Celju municipality object_1124103
Slovenj Gradec Stadt object_1123936
Hoče-Slivnica municipality object_1124066
Juršinci municipality object_1123976
Turnišče municipality object_1124039
Črnomelj municipality object_1123956
Rogaška Slatina municipality object_1124017
Škofja Loka municipality object_1124026
Ravne na Koroškem municipality object_1124095
Majšperk municipality object_1124082
Markovci municipality object_1124083
Štore municipality object_1124033
Žalec municipality object_1124119
Gorišnica, Gorischnitz municipality object_1123964
Podvelka municipality object_1124090
Nova Gorica Stadt object_1123935
Hrpelje-Kozina municipality object_1123970
Grosuplje municipality object_1123968
Ivančna Gorica municipality object_1123974
Loška Dolina municipality object_1124079
Rače-Fram municipality object_1124011
Ilirska Bistrica municipality object_1123973
Trebnje municipality object_1124037
Poljčane municipality object_1124129
Rečica ob Savinji municipality object_1124130
Črenšovci municipality object_1123954
Mokronog-Trebelno municipality object_1124128
Ankaran municipality object_1124139
Postojna municipality object_1124009
Brezovica municipality object_1123950
Dobrepolje municipality object_1123958
Übermurgebiet, Prekmurje historical region object_369974 (1991 -)
Kostanjevica na Krki municipality object_1124125
Pesnica municipality object_1124006
Destrnik municipality object_1124057
Kobarid municipality object_1123979
Kobilje municipality object_1123980
Koroška, Slowenisch Kärnten historical region object_369977 (1991 -)
Slowenisches Küstenland, Primorska historical region object_369978 (1991 -)
Komenda municipality object_1124073
Oplotnica municipality object_1124087
Polzela municipality object_1124091
Kočevje municipality object_1124072
Kungota municipality object_1123986
Prebold municipality object_1124092
Braslovče municipality object_1124054
Trbovlje municipality object_1124036
Untersteiermark, Spodnja Štajerska historical region object_369976 (1991 -)
Puconci municipality object_1124010
Sveta Trojica v Slovenskih goricah municipality object_1124136
Sveti Jurij municipality object_1124034
Šenčur municipality object_1124020
Sveti Tomaž municipality object_1124138
Gornja Radgona municipality object_1123965
Renče-Vogrsko municipality object_1124131
Šmarješke Toplice municipality object_1124133
Beltinci municipality object_1123943
Lendava municipality object_1124076
Šalovci municipality object_1124100
Benedikt municipality object_1124051
Brežice municipality object_1123949
Šentilj municipality object_1124021
Hrastnik municipality object_1123969
Miklavž na Dravskem Polju municipality object_1124084
Dobrovnik municipality object_1124061
Trnovska vas municipality object_1124112
Bohinj municipality object_1123945
Logatec municipality object_1123989
Velenje Stadt object_1123937
Cerkno municipality object_1123953
Škocjan municipality object_1124025
Divača municipality object_1123957
Dobrna municipality object_1124059
Duplek municipality object_1123962
Cerklje na Gorenjskem municipality object_1123951
Gornji Grad municipality object_1123966
Podčetrtek municipality object_1124008
Kidričevo municipality object_1123978
Haidenschaft, Aidussina, Ajdovščina municipality object_1123915 (1945 -)
Vitanje municipality object_1124042
Dravograd municipality object_1123961

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	gehört ab 1947 bis 1991 zu object_276525,
	gehört ab 2004 zu object_1176980,
	heißt  (auf deu) Slowenien,
	heißt  (auf slv) Slovenija,
	ist (auf deu) Republik;
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