Places that are approx. 5 km away from Friedland (FRIAN1JO72DC)

name type GOV-Id
Eisenhammer settlement EISMERJO72CB
Friedhof Sawall cemetery FRIALLJO72CB
Sawall village part of place village part of place settlement SAWAL1JO72CB
Friedhof Sabrodt cemetery FRIODTJO72CC
Ranzig Ausbau manor (building) RANSKY_O1230
Friedhof Ranzig cemetery FRIZIGJO72CC
Ranzig village part of place RANZI1JO72CC
Ranzig Ausbau Tiefensee place RANSEE_O1230
Glowe settlement GLOOWEJO72CC
Chausseehaus Ranzig settlement CHAZIGJO72CD
Leißnitz municipality part of place LEIITZJO72CC
Sarkow village part of place settlement SARKOWJO72CB
Friedhof Kummerow cemetery FRIROWJO72CD
Kummerow village part of place KUMRO1JO72CD
Niewisch municipality part of place NIESCHJO72CB
Niewisch church object_166245
Friedhof Niewisch cemetery FRISCHJO72CB
Möllen place part of place settlement MOLLEN_O1231
Voigtsmühle settlement VOIHLE_O1231
Kuhnshof settlement KUHHOF_O1231
Wuggelmühle settlement WUGHLE_O1231
Friedrichshof settlement FRIHOFJO72DD
Friedhof Friedland (Jüdischer Friedhof) cemetery FRIHOFJO72DC
Friedland village part of place FRIAN3JO72DC
Historischer Friedhof Friedland cemetery HISANDJO72DC
Friedland/Stadtkirche church object_166231
Friedland/Wendische Kirche church FRICHEJO72DC
Friedhof Friedland cemetery FRIAN2JO72DC
Zeust municipality part of place ZEUUSTJO72DD
Friedhof Zeust cemetery FRIUSTJO72DD
Karras municipality part of place KARRASJO72DB
Lehmannsthal settlement LEHTAL_O1231
Lindow municipality part of place LINDOWJO72DC
Günthersdorf municipality part of place GUNORFJO72DC
Kirchhof Reudnitz cemetery KIRITZJO72DD
Reudnitz church REUITZJO72DD
Reudnitz municipality part of place REUITZJO72ED
Krollshof Vorwerk settlement KROHOFJO72EC
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