Places that are approx. 5 km away from Rohr (ROHOHR_O6051)

name type GOV-Id
Welkershausen municipality part of place MEISEN_O6100
Meiningen town MEIGENJO50CN
Meiningen/Stadtkirche church object_182824
Utendorf village MEIGENJO50FO
Utendorf municipality UTEORF_O6101
Grimmenthal municipality part of place GRIHAL_O6101
Ellingshausen municipality ELLSEN_O6101
Kühndorf church object_160515
Kühndorf municipality KUHORF_O6051
Rohr municipality ROHOHR_O6051
Schwarza church object_160506
Schwarza municipality SCHRZAJO50GO
Dillstädt municipality DILADT_O6051
Marisfeld municipality MARELD_O6051
Marisfeld church object_182638
Wichtshausen municipality part of place WICSEN_O6051
Wichtshausen church object_160508
Schmeheim municipality SCHEIM_O6051
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