Places that are approx. 5 km away from Springsee (SPRSEE_O1231)

name type GOV-Id
Friedhof Kehrigk cemetery FRIIGKJO62XD
Bugk village part of place BUGUG1JO62XE
Friedhof Bugk cemetery FRIUGKJO62XE
Kehrigk village part of place KEHIGKJO62XD
Forsthaus Tschinka forester's house FORNKAJO62XD
Försterei Grubenmühle forester's house FORHLEJO62XE
Grubenmühle settlement GRUHLEJO62XD
Springsee place SPRSEE_O1231
Glubig settlement GLUBIGJO62XE
Glubigsee place GLUSEE_O1234
Wendisch Rietz, Märkisch Rietz, Wendisch Rietz village WENETZJO72AF
Limsdorf village part of place LIMOR1JO72AD
Forsthaus Neue Mühle forester's house FORHLEJO72AE
Neue Mühle settlement NEUHLEJO72AE
Friedhof Limsdorf cemetery FRIORFJO72AD
Wendisch Rietz Siedlung settlement WENUNGJO72AE
Friedhof Wendisch Rietz-Siedlung cemetery FRIHLEJO72AE
Möllendorf village part of place village part of place Gemeindeteil MOLOR1JO72AE
Friedhof Möllendorf cemetery FRIOR1JO72AE
Behrensdorf Siedlung settlement BEHOR2JO72AE
Forsthaus Schwenow forester's house FORNOWJO72AD
Schwenow village part of place Gemeindeteil SCHNO1JO72AD
Waldfrieden settlement WALDEN_O1234
Friedhof Behrensdorf cemetery FRIOR2JO72AE
Behrensdorf village part of place BEHOR1JO72AE
Görsdorfer Ziegelei settlement GORLEIJO72AD
Blabbermühle mill BLAHLEJO72AD
Ahrensdorf church object_165065
Friedhof Ahrensdorf cemetery FRIORFJO72AE
Ahrensdorf village part of place AHRORFJO72AE
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