Places that are approx. 5 km away from Wölfterode (WOLODE_W6441)

name type GOV-Id
Sontra town part of town SONTRAJO41XB
Nentershausen village settlement NENSE1JO41XA
Weißenhasel part of place WEISEL_W6441
Bauhaus village BAUAUS_W6441
Welda Farm abandoned place WELLDAJO41XB
Tannenberg forester's house TANERGJO41XA
Lindenau village part of town LINNAU_W6443
Süß part of place SUSSUS_W6441
Erdmannshain Farm ERDAINJO41XB
Hoppach abandoned place HOPACHJO41XA
Blankenbach village part of town BLAACH_W6441
Wölfterode village part of town WOLODE_W6441
Ulfen village part of town ULFFEN_W6441
Hasengarten abandoned place HASTENJO51AA
Berlitzgrube Farm BERUBE_W3443
Rittersberg Farm RITERGJO51AB
Unhausen village part of place UNHSEN_W3441
Hohenhaus Farm HOHAUS_W3443
Holzhausen (Herleshausen) village part of place HOLSENJO51BB
Neustädt church object_182528
Breitzbach village part of place BREACH_W3441
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