Places that are approx. 5 km away from Sachsen (object_279654)

name type GOV-Id
Magdeburg-Diesdorf church object_160750
Diesdorf municipality part of town DIEORFJO52SC
Ottersleben municipality part of town OTTBENJO52SC
Magdeburg (Maria Hilfe der Christen), Magdeburg (Maria Hilf) Nebenkirche church Nebenkirche MAGILFJO52SC
Groß-Ottersleben/St.Stephani church object_160109
Groß Ottersleben village object_406815
Benneckenbeck, Bönnickenbeck municipality part of place BENECKJO52TC
Stadtfeld West part of town STAESTJO52TD
Sudenburg village part of town SUDURGJO52TC
Lemsdorf municipality part of town LEMORF_O3010
Magdeburg-Lemsdorf church object_160758
Beyendorfer Grund part of town BEYUND_O3010
St.-Marienstift-Kapelle Magdeburg chapel STMURGJO52TD
Magdeburg (St. Marien) Nebenkirche church MAGIENJO52TC
Magdeburg (St. Adalbert) Nebenkirche church Nebenkirche MAGERTJO52TD
Reform part of town REFORM_O3010
Stadtfeld Ost part of town STAELD_O3010
Leipziger Straße part of town LEISSEJO52TC
Magdeburg/St. Sebastian, Magdeburg (Propsteikirche St. Sebastian), Magdeburg (Kathedrale St. Sebastian) church ruins church church MAGIANJO52SC
Beyendorf settlement BEYORFJO52TB
Magdeburg/Dom church object_160764
Altstadt part of town ALTADTJO52TD
Magdeburg town MAGURGJO52TC
Magdeburg-Buckau church object_160756
Magdeburg (St. Norbert) church Nebenkirche MAGERTJO52TC
Magdeburg/Heilig-Geist church object_160759
Buckau village part of town BUCKAUJO52TC
Hopfengarten part of town HOPTEN_O3010
Werder part of town WERDERJO52TC
Magdalenenkapelle Magdeburg chapel MAGURGJO52TD
Magdeburg/St. Petri, Magdeburg (St. Petri) church Nebenkirche object_160753
Lüttgen-Salbke settlement LUTBKEJO52TB
Fermersleben municipality part of town FERBENJO52TC
Magdeburg/Luther church object_160751
Magdeburg-Cracau (St. Andreas) Nebenkirche church Nebenkirche MAGEASJO52TC
Magdeburg-Cracau church object_160761
Friedrichstadt, Brückfeld part of town BRUELD_O3010
Magdeburg-Fermersleben church object_160760
Salbke municipality part of town SALBKEJO52UB
Cracau, Krakau rural municipality part of town CRACAU_O3010
Magdeburg-Salbke church object_160748
Magdeburg (St. Johannes Baptist) church MAGISTJO52UB
Prester, Magdeburg-Prester, Magdeburg-Prester/Immanuelkirche filial church church object_160746
Westerhüsen municipality part of town WESSEN_O3010
Prester settlement PRETERJO52UC
Magdeburg-Westerhüsen church object_160752
Greifenwerder settlement GREDERJO52UB
Berliner Chaussee part of town BERSEEJO52UD
Kreuzhorst settlement KRERSTJO52UB
Friedensweiler settlement FRILERJO52UC
Pechau/St. Thomas church object_161190
Pechau settlement PECHAUJO52UC
Zipkeleben settlement ZIPBENJO52UC
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