Places that are approx. 5 km away from Deutsche Evangelische Kirche (object_1157476)

name type GOV-Id
Friedhof Hohengörsdorf cemetery FRIOR1JO61NW
Borgisdorf church object_165853
Kirchhof Borgisdorf cemetery KIRORFJO61NW
Kirchhof Welsickendorf cemetery KIRORFJO61NV
Welsickendorf church object_165851
Hohengörsdorf church HOHOR3JO61NW
Borgisdorf village part of place BOROR1JO61NW
Kirchhof Hohengörsdorf cemetery KIROR1JO61NW
Hohengörsdorf village part of place HOHOR1JO61NW
Welsigkendorf, Welsickendorf village part of place WELOR1JO61NV
Höfgen village part of place HOFGE1JO61NV
Höfgen church HOFGENJO61NV
Kirchhof Höfgen cemetery KIRGENJO61NV
Gräfendorf village part of place GRAORFJO61OV
Gräfendorf church GRAOR1JO61OV
Kirchhof Gräfendorf cemetery KIRORFJO61OV
Kirchhof Werbig cemetery KIRBIGJO61OW
Werbig church object_165847
Werbig village part of place WERBI1JO61OW
Kirchhof Lichterfelde cemetery KIRLDEJO61OW
Lichterfelde church LICLD2JO61OW
Lichterfelde village part of place LICLD1JO61OW
Reinsdorf village part of place REIOR1JO61OV
Kirchhof Reinsdorf cemetery KIROR1JO61OV
Reinsdorf church REIOR2JO61OV
Friedhof Reinsdorf cemetery FRIORFJO61OV
Kirchhof Sernow cemetery KIRNOWJO61OW
Sernow church object_166309
Sernow village part of place SERNO1JO61OW
Riesdorf village part of place RIEOR1JO61OW
Kirchhof Riesdorf cemetery KIRORFJO61OW
Riesdorf church RIEOR2JO61OW
Alte Ziegelei settlement ALTLEIJO61OW
Kirchhof Wiepersdorf cemetery KIROR2JO61OV
Wiepersdorf church WIEOR1JO61OV
Friedhof Wiepersdorf cemetery FRIOR1JO61OV
Wiepersdorf village part of place WIEORFJO61OV
Friedhof Schlenzer cemetery FRIZERJO61OX
Schlenzer church object_166301
Schlenzer village part of place SCHZERJO61OX
Nonnendorf village part of place NONOR1JO61PV
Nonnendorf church NONOR2JO61PV
Friedhof Nonnendorf cemetery FRIORFJO61PV
Waltersdorf church WALOR1JO61PV
Kirchhof Waltersdorf cemetery KIRORFJO61PV
Waltersdorf village part of place WALOR2JO61PV
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