Places that are approx. 5 km away from Groß Eichholz (EICOLZJO62WD)

name type GOV-Id
Pechhütte settlement PECTTEJO62VE
Försterei Streganz forester's house STRREI_O1608
Hermsdorf village part of place HEROR1JO62VD
Friedhof Hermsdorf cemetery FRIORFJO62VD
Försterei Birkbusch forester's house FORSCHJO62VD
Streganzberg settlement STRERG_O1608
Birkholz village part of place BIROL1JO62VC
Friedhof Birkholz (Münchehofe) cemetery FRIOFEJO62VC
Lippe settlement LIPPPEJO62VE
Münchehofe village MUNOF1JO62WD
Münchehofe church MUNOF2JO62WD
Kirchhof Münchehofe cemetery KIROFEJO62WD
Försterei Pechhütte forester's house FORTTEJO62WC
Lippa settlement LIPPPAJO62WE
Werder settlement WERDERJO62WE
Friedhof Groß Eichholz cemetery FRIOLZJO62WD
Försterei Groß Eichholz forester's house FOROLZJO62WD
Groß Eichholz village part of place GROOLZJO62WD
Schwerin village part of place village part of place SCHRI1JO62WE
Försterei Lubolz forester's house FOROLZJO62WC
Kolonie Groß Eichholz settlement KOLOLZJO62WD
Kurtmühle settlement KURHLEJO62WE
Koplin, Kopplin settlement KOPLINJO62WC
Friedhof Kehrigk cemetery FRIIGKJO62XD
Bugk village part of place BUGUG1JO62XE
Friedhof Bugk cemetery FRIUGKJO62XE
Kehrigk village part of place KEHIGKJO62XD
Wutscherogge settlement WUTGGE_O7551
Forsthaus Tschinka forester's house FORNKAJO62XD
Alt Schadow, Stary Škodow village part of place ALTDOWJO62XC
Amalienhof, Amalinowy dwor settlement AMAHOFJO62XC
Friedhof Alt Schadow cemetery FRIDO1JO62XC
Hüttenplatz, Hutownja settlement HUTATZJO62XC
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