Places that are approx. 5 km away from Elten (Reichsstift) (object_1159921)

name type GOV-Id
Flarchheim church object_160676
Flarchheim municipality FLAEIM_O5701
Craula church object_184620
Craula part of place CRAULA_O5821
Mülverstedt municipality MULEDT_O5821
Mülverstedt church object_160666
Weberstedt municipality WEBEDT_O5821
Heroldishausen church object_160681
Heroldishausen municipality HERSEN_O5701
Weberstedt church object_160669
Alterstedt church object_160667
Alterstedt municipality part of place ALTEDT_O5821
Neuschönstedt settlement NEUEDTJO51GC
Schönstedt church object_160662
Zimmern church object_160663
Zimmern municipality part of place ZIMERNJO51GC
Waldstedt municipality part of place WALEDT_O5821
Waldstedt church WALEDTJO51GC
Schönstedt part of place SCHEDTJO51GC
Harthhaus settlement HARAUS_O5821
Grumbach church object_160677
Grumbach municipality part of place GRUACHJO51HB
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