Places that are approx. 5 km away from Markgraftum Brandenburg-Ansbach (object_1198625)

name type GOV-Id
Tröbnitz church object_183500
Walkmühle settlement WALHLE_O6540
Waltersdorf municipality WALORFJO50VU
Ruttersdorf municipality part of place RUTORF_O6541
Tissa municipality TISSSA_O6540
Tälermühle settlement TALHLE_O6541
Ulrichswalde municipality part of place ULRLDE_O6540
Weihertalmühle settlement WEIHLE_O6540
Quirla municipality QUIRLAJO50VU
Dorna municipality part of place DORRNAJO50VU
Rattelsdorf municipality RATORFJO50VT
Möckern municipality MOCERNJO50VU
Ascherhütte part of place ASCTTE_O6541
Erdmannsdorf municipality part of place ERDORFJO50VT
Patschmühle settlement PATHLE_O6541
Weißbach municipality WEIACHJO50VT
Papiermühle settlement PAPHLE_O6541
Bollberg municipality BOLERGJO50VV
Janismühle settlement JANHLE_O6541
Lippersdorf municipality part of place LIPORF_O6541
Mörsdorf municipality MORORFJO50VU
Mörsdorf church object_183244
Ölsnitzmühle settlement OLSHLE_O6541
Ottendorf municipality OTTORFJO50VU
Ottendorf church object_183242
Schleifreisen municipality SCHSENJO50VV
Kleinebersdorf municipality KLEORFJO50WT
Eineborn municipality EINORNJO50WU
Hellborn municipality part of place HELORNJO50WT
Reichenbach municipality REIACHJO50WU
Tautendorf municipality TAUORFJO50WT
Oberndorf municipality part of place OBEORFJO50WV
Neue Schenke, Schenke settlement SCHNKE_O6541
St. Gangloff, Gangloff municipality GANOFFJO50WU
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