Places that are approx. 5 km away from SBZ, Sowjetische Besatzungszone (object_290236)

name type GOV-Id
Forsthaus Ragösen forester's house FORSENJO62GF
Kirchhof Ragösen cemetery KIRSE1JO62GF
Ragösen village part of place RAGSENJO62GF
Ragösen church object_165085
Friedhof Ragösen cemetery FRISENJO62GF
Waldsiedlung settlement WALUNGJO62GD
Forsthaus Dippmannsdorf forester's house FORORFJO62HF
Dippmannsdorf village part of place DIPOR1JO62HF
Dippmannsdorf church DIPOR2JO62HF
Wenddoche settlement WENCHEJO62HE
Kirchhof Dippmannnsdorf cemetery KIRORFJO62HF
Obermühle settlement OBEHLEJO62HD
Forsthaus Rothebach settlement ROTACH_O1821
Forsthaus Rothebach forester's house FORACHJO62HE
Ölschlägers Mühle settlement OLSHLEJO62HD
Springbachmühle settlement SPRHLEJO62HD
Lütte village part of place LUTTT1JO62HE
Lütte church object_165087
Kirchhof Lütte cemetery KIRTTEJO62HE
Kirchhof Schwanebeck cemetery KIRECKJO62HE
Schwanebeck church SCHEC2JO62HE
Schwanebeck village part of place SCHEC1JO62HE
Fredersdorf village part of place FREOR1JO62HE
Friedhof Fredersdorf cemetery FRIORFJO62HE
Sandberg settlement SANERGJO62HE
Fredersdorf church FREOR2JO62HE
Wiesenau settlement WIENAUJO62HD
Baitz village part of place BAIIT1JO62IE
Kirchhof Baitz cemetery KIRIT1JO62IE
Baitz church BAIIT2JO62IE
Neschholz village part of place NESOL1JO62ID
Forsthaus Damelang forester's house FORANGJO62IF
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